In 1995, Serendipity Innovation started as a small start-up tech company  before growing into a larger more focused organization.  Over time, we grew our processes and practices into repeatable recipes for success and focused our business toward empaths, mystics and old souls.  Our hearts sing when we are able to co-create technologies that heal and nourish the planet.
We create beautiful websites, mobile apps, and online trainings for our clients using eye-catching graphics, coupled with digital and print marketing in an effort to help small businesses grow and thrive. Serendipity Innovation was established to give small business owners a chance to have a unique custom website at half the cost of the larger web design firms with twice the experience.
As our business has evolved, we have become more selective about whom we select and with whom we partner. We value our time and effort and seek like-minded positive and conscious clients who are creating beautiful communities through their work. If this approach appeals to you, Serendipity Innovation welcomes your inquiries.
We utilize proven project methodology principles to ensure the most relevant and efficient software development outcomes:

Customer Service

We provide the highest and most exemplary level of service in a fun and exciting manner.


We look at high-level user stories before detailed specifications.


We help you define the right objectives based on your business needs.


If there’s a risk to any solution, we’ll make sure you know.


Flexible scope over time and materials allow us to be nimble.


Proof of concept → Minimal viable product → Release

Our proficiency in the latest technologies allows us to build solutions that scale and last.
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I’m so happy I went with Serendipity! They created several online learning classes for me. I did not know all the science and research that goes into creating effective training material, particularly when delivered online. Their marketing was spot on. I tripled my sales by going online and reduced my work effort by 50%- now that’s working smart, not hard!

Maria Santos

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