Why Serendipity Innovation?

So why should you use Serendipity Innovation for your marketing services? Here are a few compelling reasons.

Experience and Reputation

Not only have we worked with recognizable brands like the State of California and UC Davis, but we also have a philanthropic reputation and we’re known as one of the top web design agencies for volunteer organizations.

Joyfully Committed

When it comes to our clients and our work, we like to use the words “Joyfully Committed.” Joyfully, because we have a ton of fun working with our clients in the development and maintenance process. Committed, because we are devoted to bringing our clients’ vision into reality and supporting our clients’ business growth. This philosophy is the foundation of our heart-centered approach which builds strong client relations, which in turn helps clients build their own strong customer relationships.


About 5 years ago, we decided to really put walls around our business. Instead of saying “yes” on any project that would come our way, we decided to specialize exclusively on projects that offered and provided community benefits. Sometimes this means we lose deals that we could otherwise win, but we’ve found the tradeoff of honed-in craftsmanship well worth it.