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Serendipity Innovation bring beauty to website design and beauty brings life to your brand! The art of web design is about translating your vision, brand, and company objectives from concepts to meaningful and relatable visual realities. We would love to be your partner in making your business grow!
As an artist or an artisan, you need an online presence that quickly brands your product or service, stands out from the competition and engages your audience. Serendipity Innovation’s heart-centered, collaborative approach helps clients clarify these goals and create effective and growth-oriented websites using a heart centered, fun and collaborative approach. Let’s find out if we’re a good fit for your next project.

Form Follows Function

We believe form should follow function. Effective design of your marketing, communications, and production campaigns is invaluable because the repeatable and recognizable look and feel gives customers a physical touchpoint for relating to your company and differentiating it from your competitors.


Serendipity Innovation is the BEST!!!! In a short period of time, they helped get my website and mobile app up and running without breaking the bank. What I enjoyed most is how much fun we had. I have received more and better customers based on the professionalism of my website. I appreciate you!

Peter Aluma

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Beautiful, Modern and Simple Design

We strive to create beauty and harmony in our work process Every project uses our proven project management methodology that delivers all our projects on time, within budget and meeting all client objectives in a fun and enjoyable manner. We take care to create technology solutions that are branded perfectly for your business and easy to use and navigate for you and your customers.
One of the pillars that separates our firm from the others is that we specialize in eCommerce, hosting, branding, graphic design, online learning, and web development. In other words, we handle all of your online needs from start to finish.


I’m so happy I went with Serendipity! They created several online learning classes for me. I did not know all the science and research that goes into creating effective training material, particularly when delivered online. Their marketing was spot on. I tripled my sales by going online and reduced my work effort by 50%- now that’s working smart, not hard!

Maria Santos

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